Our Mission
  • Provide Profitable, Quality Aviation Services
  • Provide Opportunity for Challenging and Competitive Employment
  • Be Economically, Socially and Morally Responsible


Empire Unmanned, LLC is a division of Empire Airlines, Inc. At the Empire family of companies we are known for our “We can do that!!” attitude. We build and fix planes, train and educate flight crews and mechanics, serve major air cargo companies, help startup airline companies succeed, and provide cutting-edge unmanned flight technology and services.


The Empire Unmanned management and pilot teams have unparalleled experience in the drone industry. With both commercial and U.S. Military experience, as well as collegiate educations from prestigious universities, they are proficient in UAS flight operations, GIS, logistical support, management programs, FAA regulations, and data analytics. They stand ready to serve your organizational needs for aerial imaging, data capture, processing and analytics, and comprehensive reporting.




   Tim Komberec –

Tim Komberec is President & CEO of Empire Holdings, Inc. and all of its subsidiaries: Empire Airlines Inc., Empire Aerospace Inc., Empire Unmanned LLC and ‘Ohana Airlines in Hawaii. He was born and raised in Montana. After completing high school, he moved to Seattle, Washington to work for Boeing Company as an experimental machinist until entering and serving three years of active duty in the U.S. Army. Upon leaving the Army, Tim returned to Seattle to attend Seattle Community College and to pursue his flying career.


Tim has been actively involved in aviation since 1971. He has held senior management positions with several airlines and has logged over 13,000 hours as an airline pilot, check airman and instructor. He is an Airline Transport Pilot with type ratings in several aircraft.


Tim’s career has covered many aspects of the aviation business. He has negotiated and administered labor contracts, worked with the certification of several airlines, established and managed both large and small flight and maintenance operations departments, flown thousands of hours, and managed aircraft fleets from small turbo props to large jet aircraft.


Tim currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Regional Airline Association, the Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association, the Kootenai County Airport Advisory Board, the Idaho Economic Advisory Council and the Executive Board of the North Idaho College Foundation. In 2018, Tim was recognized as Executive of the Year by the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance in Redmond, Washington. He has also given back to the community through his service and donations to several nonprofit organizations. Tim and his wife Linda reside in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


  Jeff Williams –

Jeff Williams is the President of and Senior Pilot for Empire Unmanned, and brings over 16 years of extensive experience in commercial UAS design, development, and flight testing into his role. His professional qualifications include both commercial and military UAS/UAV programs, operations and UAV systems development.


Jeff is the former CEO of Williams Aerospace, Inc. in Hawaii. Serving both government and commercial clients, Jeff was a UAS Flight Test Coordinator and Mission Commander. He also served as Flight Test Program Manager as part of the Office of Naval Research sponsored UAS development program, and as UAV Mission Commander, Test Pilot and Sensor Operator (EO/IR optical turret), with over 650 hours of flight time in Hawaii, Thailand and the Philippines. He has experience with both Piccolo and Kestrel autopilot systems and GCS. Jeff was responsible for leading flight crew teams during preflight, flight and postflight operations, and wrote for companies the test flight, CRM, safety and mishap plans and UAS flight checklists. He analyzed all flight test data and prepared detailed reports to ONR and other agencies.


He served as a Naval Air Crewman and Special Projects Sensor Operator in the U.S. military for over 30 years. Jeff’s military service includes operational experience in aviation and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission positions in combat situations in Afghanistan and other countries. Jeff is an expert sensor operator, flight test coordinator, imagery analyst with a solid understanding of GIS products, the intelligence network, covert/overt air operations, and advanced sensor system troubleshooting theory. He also possesses specific expertise in Electrical Optical/IR, SAR, ISAR, Acoustics, Hyperspectral, Laser, ELINT, SIGINT and UAV technologies. Experienced in Secure Military Communications Procedures.


Jeff Williams holds a Masters of Aeronautical Science Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree from the University of Phoenix. Jeff has also served as an adjunct college professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the campus located in Kaneohe, Hawaii.


Colleen Henneesey –

colleenh@empireunmanned.com;  (208) 627-8041


Colleen Hennessey is the Sales & Marketing Manager for Empire Unmanned and brings more than 20 years of business development and marketing expertise to the company. She is passionate and enthusiastic for the drone industry and the benefits that drone technology offers to a wide range of industries. Colleen believes that drone technology will change lives for the better both commercially and for humanitarian efforts.


She started her professional career serving as Vice President of Marketing & Compliance and Assistant Managing Director/Marketing Manager for major insurance companies in New York City. She then owned and operated her own business consultancy, Astute Business Consulting, in New York City for over 16 years, serving major Fortune 50 and 100 technology corporations, mid-sized companies, and large AM 100 law firms. Her company served major corporations from the aerospace and aviation industries as well as from the electronics industry. During the deep recession, Colleen worked full-time for a NASA company while still consulting part-time for her own company. She resumed her company full-time in the economic recovery. She has developed markets both nationally and internationally for some of the world’s largest corporations.


Colleen is a published writer and journalist, having freelanced for several years for Hearst Media and other major publications in the Northeast. She has two books in progress, and is also an adjunct college professor, teaching upper-division business courses for 2-year and 4-year colleges. She has been a long-term member and Executive Officer for the American Marketing Association in the New York City; Connecticut; Fairfield County, Connecticut; and Denver, Colorado Chapters, as well as other professional associations. Colleen enjoys giving back to others and the community, and has held several elected executive positions for nonprofit organizations.


A graduate of the University of Colorado with a BSBA in Marketing and a BSBA in Management, with a MSBA in Marketing and BA in Psychology pending, additionally Colleen has completed educational courses at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.