Empire Unmanned prides itself on rapid deployment, quality data capture, high-resolution images, and thorough data analysis. Our team of experts collaborate with your internal teams to ensure successful missions and complete client satisfaction.



Drone inspection missions are flown for commercial and industrial structures that are hazardous, dangerous, or inaccessible. UAS systems provide accurate calculations and high-resolution images that assist in avoiding costly shutdowns and improve worker safety. UAVs are able to hover over critical, hard-to-reach areas, providing the best possible vantage points from numerous angles. Empire Unmanned reviews images and video with clients immediately after the flight to ensure that all of the needed information has been captured.





Topographical  Assessments

Topographical evaluations and studies are conducted primarily using LiDAR and photogrammetry. Images provide geomatic information specific to the project: 2D, 3D, mapping, orthomosaics, point cloud, elevations, contours, boundaries, volumes, distance, slope, angles, ground samples, erosion detection and waterways. Models are built for planning and monitoring progress or changes.





Invasive Species Detection

Empire Unmanned uses UAS/UAV technology to detect invasive plant and animal species that damage waterways, soil, structures and vegetation. Capabilities also include the location and health conditions of endangered species.






In battling forest and brush fires, sensors carried by drones can see through the smoke. In helping to fight and control forest fires, Empire Unmanned deploys various drones to detect hotspots, fire paths, access roads, elevations and water sources. Payload drones are used to deliver microwave signals, medicine and water to first responders.





Plant Health & Growth 

Precision agriculture and forestry requires UAS technology to provide the following: overall plant health, mapping, topography analysis, weed and disease detection, invasive species detection, chlorophyll concentrations, moisture level assessments, recognition of irrigation problems, water resources, soil conditions, seasonal evaluations, damage assessment and predicting crop yields.





Land Assets

Regarding forestry and land management, Empire Unmanned conducts topographical studies, canopy and below canopy analysis, hazardous waste detection, erosion mapping, invasive species detection, landslide analysis, plant health studies, waterways mapping and much more.





Natural Disasters & Emergencies 

Empire Unmanned works with first responders and government agencies in assessing damages and participating in recovery efforts.




Data Imaging & Photos

Empire Unmanned offers a variety of data products based on clients’ specific needs. 

All data is verified and compatible with industry-leading software.