Empire Unmanned, LLC

Empire Unmanned provides expert services for your organization’s

critical projects using state-of-the-art drone technology! 


Empire Unmanned offers end-to-end commercial drone services including aerial data collection, processing, analytics and portal reporting available 24/7. Our services provide aerial insights that empower you to make informed and precise decisions on your projects. Strengths include our ability to adapt to industry-specific problems, provide the latest UAS (unmanned aerial systems) technology and deliver customized, actionable data solutions. Our comprehensive digital services offer faster acquisition of data and imagery, reduced costs and safer work environments for employees. Aircraft, equipment, programs and pilots are FAA certified, registered and insured. Empire Unmanned uses UAV platforms and UAS equipment that is made in the U.S.A.



A Foundation of Aviation Innovation


Empire Unmanned is backed by parent, Empire Airlines, an international air carrier, with subsidiaries that provide a heavy duty maintenance repair station, passenger service and cutting-edge unmanned aerial technology. With over 42 years of aviation experience, Empire Airlines holds FAR 135 and FAR 121 certifications, and offers exceptional safety standards and strict adherence to FAA compliance within all of its business units.

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