Empire Unmanned prides itself on rapid deployment, quality data, high-resolution images, successful missions, and thorough data analysis. Our team of experts collaborate with your internal teams to ensure complete satisfaction on projects.




Empire Unmanned provides professional and reliable delivery of high-quality mapping services. Our drones have the ability to capture on-demand maps for a fraction of the cost of the traditional manned aircraft approaches, and at a much higher resolution than satellites. The drone outputs are geo-referenced and ortho-rectified, meaning that measurements and calculations can be taken directly from the drones. Data samples include such applications as basic distance, area and slope calculations, elevations, stockpile volume analysis, sight lines, 2D/3D images, or watershed runoff simulations. Our drones will easily and accurately assess your site data, and provide comprehensive modelling and analysis for the planning and monitoring of your projects.




Empire Unmanned flies drone missions for situations and structures that are hazardous, dangerous, or inaccessible. Not only do the drones provide accurate calculations and high-resolution images for inspections and evaluations, they help you avoid costly shutdowns and improve worker safety. Using high-resolution cameras with zoom lenses, we are able to hover over critical, hard-to-reach areas, providing the best possible vantage points from numerous angles. Our equipment is able to obtain fine details, such as serial numbers, tiny cracks, seal leakage, bolt corrosion, and more. Using live video feed, you can observe real-time the images we are catching in flight. We also review images and video with you immediately after the flight to ensure that all of the needed information has been captured before leaving the site. The images form an important archival record of the structures and machinery for future reference.


Below are some of the circumstances under which we conduct aerial inspections:

  • Microwave Towers
  • Power Towers & Lines
  • Pipelines
  • Solar Farms & Roof Panels
  • Tanks & Digesters
  • Wind Turbine Towers & Blades
  • Dam Walls & Turbines
  • Nuclear Power Stations
  • Lighting Pole Maintenance
  • Industrial Smokestacks
  • Construction Projects, time-lapse photography
  • Damage Evaluations
  • Building Facades & Roofs




Empire Unmanned provides aerial monitoring capabilities that are typically conducted with manned flights. Our drones are able to fly missions that are too dangerous even for manned flights to complete, while producing sharper images. The camera equipment our drones carry can see through smoke in a forest fire, producing high-definition, high-resolution images under adverse conditions. The drones are also capable of providing internet connections to remote areas. Monitoring abilities include: RGB, thermal, air quality, gas, radiation and magnetic sensors.




Below are applications where UAS aerial monitoring is critical:

  • Forest Fire Control & Management
  • Search & Rescue
  • Land & Waterway Inspections
  • Crowd & Traffic Control
  • Crop & Livestock Monitoring
  • Tracking Wildlife
  • Expeditions
  • Exploration Projects




Many of our clients are inspired with the aerial imagery Empire Unmanned offers. We are able to produce videos that are very in-depth, which manned flights cannot capture. We can provide single or dual operator drones, depending on your specific needs.





Empire Unmanned’s aerial photography and video is ideal for following:

  • Golf Tournaments & Sporting Events
  • Property & Land Videos
  • Aesthetic Videos & Still Shots
  • Real Estate & Land Development
  • Site Inspections
  • Construction Timelines



Data Processing Services


Collecting drone data is one thing. Correlating and processing it accurately so that it produces useful and critical information is another issue. There are several factors that can skew the results of the drone data collected. If not assessed and deciphered correctly, errors could end up jeopardizing your entire project, costing you both time and money.


Empire Unmanned carefully assess and processes UAV data, and then collaborates with clients’ internal teams to ensure that the data provides insightful and meaningful information. Our GIS specialists have the knowledge and technical capabilities for professionally and accurately processing your drone data. We realize that your projects are on strict timelines, so we strive to deliver to our clients the data they need in a timely manner, ensuring the success of their projects and protection of their valuable assets.


Our data processing services provide:

  • Choosing the Right Software for Data Collection
  • Fast Turn-Around Time in Data Processing
  • Accurate Data Interpretation, Ensuring the Success of Your Projects

Samples Of  Our Data Analysis

We offer a variety of data products based on your specific needs.  Our data is verified and compatible with industry-leading software.